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Road Safety
by Eng.Stanislaw Kwartnik


Reaction time, reflexes


A safe distance, reaction time, reflexes


stopping, braking distance, the road reaction

ROUTE overtaking

road overtaking, overtaking time


exam virtual = only 100 s

EXAM Bielsko Biala

possible intersection of the exam in Bielsko-Biala


Horse track the paddock for cat.B


Driving teaching track the paddock


exercise parked in the parking lot

ACCIDENT At the crossroads

The accident at the intersection of sight peer - whose fault?

ACCIDENT crossing

An accident at a pedestrian crossing - Whose fault?

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  GAMES - driving playing - INTERACTIVE intersection - simulation

The time trial is just 100 seconds.
You will check the accuracy and speed of decision-making on various types of intersections in interaction with other vehicles and pedestrians.
Exercise makes perfect shape appropriate behavior and efficiency - make it easy to not only obtain a driving license.
Ex .: exam at intersections,  Virtual exam in Bielsko-Biala

  ANIMATIONS - traffic intersections - maneuvers on the road

Traffic on selected intersections in Wadowice, Bielsko-Biala, Tychy, Krakow, Auschwitz,
animations maneuvers on the way, Lane marked and indefinite; changing lanes; the principle of the zipper, belt turning,overtaking, improperovertaking, position the vehicle on theroad;Animation accidents; trajectory of the vehicle whenparking.Animations Traffic: Driving on theright,   drive straightahead,   drive to theleft,   U-turns at various intersections

  CALCULATORS - Traffic:

distance and time overtaking;

the effects of selected safety distance measurement response time,  distance and time of braking, stop, speed in the face ofdanger; speed before the accident, according to the state of the road andbraking; safe speedcornering, the vehicle's behavior on a hill, slopingground; raystwist; maintenance costsvehicle; the cost of blockingtraffic, physics formation of trafficjams, how acollision, visibility levelcrossings; visibility before theintersection, timemiędzyzielony; entry for the siren- a trap entry by siren red and speed. accelerated movement, the movement oftime-delayed, accelerated movement, delayed traffic on theroad;...

  BRD - Road Traffic Safety

Statistics on accidents;Self assessment of the causes of accidents;Practical tips and ways of behaving.
Walking, clear behavior, how to live, safe speed, safe distance,
extreme caution: at the intersection, crossing, in the corners, when changing lanes, while passing as slippery when overtaking ...

  BASIC rules in practice = TOOLBOX DRIVER

joining the movement, passing, overtaking, recycle, rewind, behavior at stop sign, mark-Yield.
SIGNAL LIGHT: normal S-1, the conditional S-2, directional S-3. SPEED, astopping, a safedistance.Do you know:  Induction loops and detection cameras at theintersection?

FOR the student:

  A set of exercises for candidates for drivers, Sheet conduct a practical test,   unmarkedlane, participant oftraffic, vehicletraffic,   road signs entrainingpriority, road signs "giving"priority,

  Cat.B state exam - extracts from provisions of the exam;

  New rules for the examinations - Driving license

  Manoeuvring - principles and criteria test the paddock.

  Animation tasks in the square, teaching driving in a curve on the paddock.Toyota -control, under thebonnet,   the Toyota Yaris 6-speedFIAT PUNTO GRANDE -control, under thebonnet, servicelighting;

MOTION CITY:Essentials, animationbehaviors, interactiveexercises.

  PARKING, virtual parking , parking front and ahead of correction ,   I reverse parking ,   reverse parking in parallel,
  U-turns - the rules,   Turning back on the road-wheel tracks,   track movement when turning. PHOTO GALLERYWhat do you do in a given situation? Situationsbielskie1; Situationsbielskie2; SituationsKrakow; Situationstyskie;

MOVIES routes exam training, passage cities:

Bielsko Biala,Tychy, Krakowul.Koszykarska, Krakowul.Balicka, NowySacz,Radom,Tarnobrzeg,Tarnów,Lublin.

Driving Schools Wadowice is a combination of theory and practice in traffic in Wadowice routes passingthrough the town of Wadowice, Auschwitz, Bieruń, Andrychów, Kety, goats, Calvary, Barwałd, Inwald


SPEED  - impact on stopping by the surface condition and response time. BRAKING - presentation of the impact of speed, surface condition, the response time to the process of braking and stopping;the danger zone;the visibility zone;calculation speed to risks in the corners; OVERTAKING- needed visibility, threat, time and way of overtaking. The regression of priority and the priority of passing,crossing, about safe trafficorganization, O trafficlights, strange situations intraffic, possible collisions atintersections. Possible collisions onroundabouts, O traffic rules at road junctions and rules ofconduct, about safety at pedestriancrossings, about the dangers on theroad, O secure communication infrastructure in Germany and the situation inPoland, Noderoad,  overpass andintersection,  Noticed Israel Calculation trainingand calculator for calculating the minimum price for the course. About meandoffer; My Channel on YouTube: My BLOG portal ZdamyTo

Recently added:
05.03.11 Calculator, simulator and test time międzyzielonego.
3.10.11 WORD journeys in and aroundLublin,Radom,Tarnów,Tarnobrzeg.
03.31.11 New - a spring tour in Bielsko-Biala
05.12.11 Text uniform-Law on Road Traffic ( fragments) -Movement bicycle by 92 poz.530 in 2011
06.11.11 Calculator situation at the entrance of a siren - entry into the red
01.04.12 accident at the intersection equivalent of a lack of visibility - who is to blame?
08.03.12 Meet road traffic risk - audit BRD 2012.
8.8.12 Recognize the outlet street - one-way or two-way?
08.14.12 rule to deal lanes at the intersection on the example of the roundabout Kotlarski in Krakow.
27.12.12 regulations and accident at a pedestrian crossing - who is to blame?
01.21.13 A new program of training candidates for drivers license B category
01.21.13 permissions from holding a driving license B category
21.01.13 New rules for the examinations - Driving license
02.06.13 Can you go right by the siren conditional?
25.07.13 A safe intersections.
27.08.13 The new organization of traffic on the roundabout Hippocrates in Krakow.
18.11.13 Analysis marking the corners of safe and unsafe.
08.12.13 Highway - freeways - prescribed and safe ways of behaving.
18.12.13 Nuremberg in Germany and our infrastructure - road safety audit 2013 - conclusions.
3.1.14 Sweden - Stockholm - road safety audit 2014
05.28.14 Dangerous intersection with an island on the national road No. 28 in Mucharz.
6.22.14 calculator for calculating a safe cantturn.
7.22.14 calculator for calculating costs Social blockingtraffic.
2.12.14 Developing Article 3 of the Law on Road Traffic - a recipe orsecurity.
02.08.15 essence of collision-freemotion.
4.2.15 Mirrors, mirrors and safety - road safety audit in2015.
04.06.15 Animation intersection - Oswiecim Street. Sienkiewicz Street.Dabrowski.
7.21.15 principles and the importance of using theindicator.
9.6.15 On safety at levelcrossings.

NOTE: Abbreviations mental and statements can not be the basis for a legal solution!
The legal basis are the Journal of Laws, the Council of Ministers ...
All presented on pages works are my idea and execution - are protected by copyright.
You can use them only for personal use - in other cases, please contact me.
They require continuous improvement, but ...

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